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human resources

we provide comprehensive anti-racism support aligned with our human resources solutions to help realize your vision of being a diverse, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist organization.

strategic planning

we identify the challenges that you are facing in your human resource and people plans and lead you on a path to develop specific actions that create sustainable strategies.

operational support

from strategy to tactical. whether it is your compensation planning, performance development plans or recruitment plans, we coach and support your human resource team to tactical solutions that include integration of anti-racism focused targets 


we provide coaching for your human resource leadership on all aspects of their function with a specific goal towards becoming an equitable organization.

diversity - equity - inclusion

we work with your leadership and human resource team towards building diversity within your organization and/or supporting the people diversity that already exists. we work to ensure equity is ingrained into your practices and to help move to inclusion in your programs.  

other supports

we provide a variety of supports, from assessment of your people issues to mediation and coaching as needed.

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