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we provide comprehensive anti-racism support aligned with our human resources solutions to help realize your vision of being a diverse, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist organization.

assessment & collaborative design

we start the journey with equity assessments and work with your team to create vision, set goals, create accountability measures and provide guidance & recommendations 

individual learning

we facilitate your Core Motivator Racial Story -  a unique life-changing process of self-discovery.* this process helps individuals and organizations better understand themselves and those around them and helps to start the path towards understanding your racial core.

*adapted from Bob Perkins Core Motivator and Glenn Singleton's racial autobiography work.

organizational development

we provide support for leadership teams to develop and strengthen their anti-racist muscle. we facilitate whole staff sessions that align with this support in order to facilitate anti-racist practice, build team and organizational resilience across your organization.

customized tools

we offer specifically designed workbooks, resources, and experiences that are customized to meet the ongoing changes your organization is

experiencing on their journey.

coaching & other supports

we provide individual and leadership team coaching. we also offer keynotes and customized experiences for your organization.

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