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45 Lemons exists to ensure a future world where all individuals and organizations are seen, heard and empowered. 45 Lemons is uniquely situated to help organizations create a vision for the present and future that is

inclusive, just and anti-racist. 

our commitment to anti-racism and human development is audacious! our work focuses on the interrelation of human resources and anti-racism that utilizes personal growth, historical contexts and implications that lead to effective action.


what we do

anti-racism is a practice. people and organizations must continually engage in the practice. it will likely be messy and will definitely be rewarding. 45 Lemons welcomes the opportunity to support you, your people and your organization in this life-long practice.


who we support

45 Lemons works with all organizations, in any industry, that are willing to commit to anti-racism ideals and practices. whether you are just beginning your journey or need some help along the way, we would love to collaborate with you.

 here are some of the audacious organizations we have supported!

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